Commercial Litigation


BREACH OF CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT matter in which subcontractor filed action against general contractor for sums owed after general contractor TERMINATED the contract. Contractor filed cross complaint for damages it claimed were incurred when it hired another SUBCONTRACTOR  to complete the work at greater cost.

ATTORNEY/CLIENT FEE DISPUTE in which prior attorney claimed lien on recovery by subsequent attorney from settlement of underlying personal injury lawsuit. Resolution involved analysis of reasonable value of past services rendered, and whose had the obligation to pay for such services.

SUBCONTRACTOR sued CONTRACTOR for breach of contract in failing to pay bill for products and services, and contractor filed counter claim for poor workmanship, alleging it was required to expend additional sums to remedy subcontractor’s errors.

Mediated complex commercial dispute involving partnerships and development of two multi-million dollar projects. Issues involved BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY by partners, FRAUD, LENDING and CONSTUCTION FINANCE.

Mediated INSURANCE SUBROGATION case based on insurer’s resolution of underlying PROPERTY DAMAGE claim, and subsequent request for reimbursement from allegedly negligent manufacturer of DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.

Settled LENDING DISPUTE action between borrower and lender based on a sold out EQUITY LINE of credit after a trustee’s sale by lienholder. Issues involved nature of loan and consequences of foreclosure action.

Settled NURSING HOME penalty action between agency and owner of facility. Addressed allegations of patient neglect and CODE AND LICENSING requirements for nursing home facilities.

Settled action for BREACH OF CONTRACT and MISREPRESENTATION brought by parents against private school attended by their child, which had provided specialized educational services. Parents claimed that the school made material misrepresentations regarding the nature and extent of the SPECIAL EDUCATION services their child would receive, and sued for damages. The mediation was highly emotional for both sides.

Plaintiff sued former business partner for FRAUD and misappropriation of business, claiming that defendant forced her out of the business and deprived her of PROFITS she was due. Plaintiff also had a claim for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS based on defendant’s having filed a police report against plaintiff, which resulted in her wrongful arrest.